Help with Series

Design tool for photo stories

Series is a powerful photo organizing and layout tool. You can use it for lots of stuff. Get creative!

  • Choose the best shot from a bunch of options

  • Add a border to one or many photos at once

  • Plan a multi-image post for Instagram and Instagram Stories

  • Create a unique multi-image/multi-page composition

Series is currently in beta. If you'd like to help us make it great, sign up for early access at

Quick Start

Here's a quick overview of what you can do with Series.

Bring in some photos

  • Tap the + to add any number of photos

  • Drag photos to change their order

Shape your layout

  • Choose a Frame based on how you want to share:

    • Fit – Match the shape of the layout

    • 1:1 – Instagram Square

    • 4:5 – Instagram Portrait

    • 5:4 – Instagram Landscape

    • 9:16 – Instagram Story

  • Toggle Allow photos to span Frames

    • On – Photos will flow naturally, crossing Frames

    • Off – Photos will center on each Frame

  • Use Add Frames to spread your photos across more or fewer Frames

  • Use the Grid slider to alter the layout

Fine tune it

  • Use the Spacing and Margin sliders to change the whitespace around photos

  • Double-tap a photo to change how it fills the space: either show the photo without cropping, or fill the space by cropping.

  • Tap a photo to edit:

    • Drag to reposition, pinch to resize

    • Trash icon removes the photo

  • Choose a background color to complement your photos

Export and share

Tap the share icon to preview how your layout will appear in other apps. Tap or swipe to move between Frames. Tap the share icon again for export options.

Learn more about sharing and exporting: