What is Series and more

Series is an app for working with multiple images. It’s like a photo editing app but instead of changing colors and saving out a new photo, it changes your perspective and saves out a composition.

Series is currently in beta. If you'd like to kick the tires and help us make it great, sign up for early access at www.seriesapp.io

Series is currently available for iOS and iPad. We don't have any immediate plans to bring it to Android, but let us know if you'd like it!

Series on Instagram

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Who made this? Why?

My name is Ryan Carver. I'm a software developer and photographer.

I’ve always found that digital experiences for choosing and organizing photos are lacking—they’re usually too restrictive and don’t help me find interesting relationships between images. I’ve been inspired by the process of manipulating physical prints and I’ve tried to merge the best aspects of digital and physical processes.

Inspiration on the power of sequencing images comes from Understanding Comics and my own photographic journey.

Series is a great tool for creating social media posts. I hope it can become much more.

Ryan Carver / [email protected]